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While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a link to Gould Genealogy about passenger lists to Australia. When on that blog, I also noticed a heading called Blog Challenges. Intrigued, I checked it out and found the author of the blog Alona Tester had run a weekly blogging challenge back in 2012 about Family History A-Z

This gave me an idea. I know many of my visitors to this blog don’t have their own blog but are interested in family history. Maybe I could run a comment challenge instead where you leave a comment relating to that letter of the alphabet. For example, A might be about Aunt Jane or Australian shipping or accident or archives – anything relating to family history beginning with that letter.

To find all the posts for the challenge, look on the sidebar for tags and the “comment challenge” or to make it easier, click this link.

Please leave a comment if you would take part in something like this.

6 thoughts on “A comment challenge

  1. Letter F: family history is so much Fun. Found a photo from Family of GG Fanny. Saw the white rabbit in the background and Followed the trail to the Family Tree.
    Fossicked around in mine shafts and libraries Found Fanny sitting on a bunk aboard “Streathern” sailing From Cornwall to Rocky.Finished up back at St Paul’s; lots of weddings and funerals. Then off to France to fight the Great War. Some of the stories were sad and some made me glad. Happy Meandering, Have a Merry Christmas. Best Regards Marg.
    PS Dear Cousin from History course says that she Found that The Earl of Loxley was our 24th GGGrandfather. I thought that Robin Hood was a Fictitious character, can it be so???

  2. Thanks Margaret,
    Each week will be a different letter, so this week I will write a post about A then next week B etc. Your reply here would be great for letter F.

  3. Looks like fun; I’ll join in. Might be easier to complete the rounds with words than with quilt blocks, which I did a fee years ago!

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