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Completing the different units for the Diploma of Family History has certainly helped in my understanding of how to research well, how to present that research in an interesting way and how to organize the information I find during my research.

I am starting to better understand some of the DNA data. I am putting together a list of Kit numbers, high cMs and low MCRA that have a relationship to my father as he is the person in my family who I have least about. I would love to find someone within three or four generations to link into his side of the tree. I don’t know who his father was and I only know about two generations back on his mother’s side.

If I find someone close in generations and with a high cM then I will contact them to see where he might fit. I have started sending messages via Ancestry for the close member matches there relating to my father.


cM – centiMorgan – a measurement used with DNA – the higher the cM, the more DNA you have in common with that person

MCRA – Most Common Recent Ancestor – this is shown as roughly how many generations you are away from the other person – the lower the score the better.

Readers: Please leave a comment about my post or something beginning with U that relates to your family history or your research.

letter U

6 thoughts on “Letter U challenge

  1. U is for unsubstantiated. Never use unsubstantiated information in your family tree.

    U is also for Unicorn – the national animal of Scotland.

  2. U is for Unknown!

    Unfortunately there will always be some unknown people in our family trees. My grandfather (my father’s father) is listed as ‘unknown’ on Dad’s Birth Certificate. I doubt that I will ever find out who he is!

  3. U is for Unfortunately!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t continue with this. Too many things happening last year.
    Thank you for the invite though.

  4. I admire people who make the ultimate effort re their family history… Whilst I am quite addicted to this “disease” I rarely have the patience to pur”sue” things the way in which you are doing Sue and that is my UNDOING at times……..

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