Marriages of Summers or Somers

Still trying to find Thomas Somers, my fathers great grandfather. So decided to create family group sheets for every Summers or Somers marriage in Tasmania pre 1900. Luckily all these records are digitised and online at the LINC website via the Tasmanian Names Index.

As I am looking for a surname of Somers or Summers, I only created them for males and single females who gave birth to sons named Thomas or given name not recorded.

So far, there are 56 marriages. There are 7 Thomas as the father and 11 sons with Thomas as first or middle name. There are also 7 unnamed males.

The marriages are from east coast of Tasmania, Hobart, Launceston, Emu Bay (Burnie) and Cressy/Longford area.

I have also added children, marriages and deaths gathered from the Index.

Next step is to create a family tree linking together the many from Emu Bay, Cressy/Longford etc.

I also checked if there is a one name study for these surnames, but no such luck. With this work I am doing, I will be putting copies of the family group charts in folders to give to the archives if they want them.

5 thoughts on “Marriages of Summers or Somers

  1. ‘Z’ is for Zig Zag – the line of ancestors to follow. I find the straight lines don’t always give the context of family history, whereas by zig zagging I find out much more.
    Also piling up the “Z’s is what you don’t get too much of when trolling through records, trove, etc

  2. Hi Sue Have you joined the Guild of One Name Studies and/or The Surname Society? The later is only 5 BPD per annum, the other slightly more expensive.
    The value with the former is that members have access to an index where you can search for Summers/Somers even if it isn’t a listed study, and other members whose name interests have married into a Summers/Somers family become listed.


  3. Hi Sue, sounds like a fun sleuthing project to wile away the rest of winter. I had a similar challenge with 11 siblings nearly all having a child named William John, John or Charles across three generations. Then the younger generations still carried it on to a degree. Qld has a great BDM index where you can get lots of cross linked people, sometimes with very few details. eg Put in parents names and leave child blank and most of the children will come up. Had fun in Trove where Mrs W J attended the wedding of the generation after the current BDM year range (1829-1942)eg 1954 wedding, it got the better of me at times and I had to buy a certificate to get some sleep. That was fun. Can also print out the ‘Surname’ Family Weddings list for 1829-1942. Finally got most of them sorted via Mum and Dad’s death certificates.
    Happy Hunting Regards Marg.

  4. I believe Somers or summers was not the right surname. If you are looking for Florence may Kohl (my great grandmother) her maiden name is Hargreaves not summers. Cheers, Donna Adams (daughter of Shirley England)

    • Hi Donna,
      The Somers/Summers surname is from my father’s side of the tree. But England surname is from my mother’s side of the tree. My great grandfather was Henry Lewis England married to Julia Charlotte Chandler.

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