Ethnicity on DNA tests

My regular readers know that I am doing a bit on DNA at the moment. My parents, my brother and I have all tested with Ancestry. But I have also uploaded our raw data to FTDNA and most recently MyHeritage. It is interesting to make comparisons between the different results.

Here are my results:

Ancestry DNA

With Family Tree DNA

With My Heritage DNA

It is the same raw data from Ancestry uploaded to the other two sites. They each use different filters or algorithms to get their results. The only one that really surprises me is the 1% Nigerian with My Heritage. Can’t wait to find out what my dad’s results are with his unknown background.

MyHeritage works on 42 ethnic groups around the world. More information found here.

Ancestry looks at 150+ regions of the world.

Readers: If you have tested and uploaded results to other sites, have you found any interesting results? Are there any other sites I should be uploading my data to and why?

5 thoughts on “Ethnicity on DNA tests

  1. I’ve just uploaded my DNA results last week to My Heritage, so am still awaiting results. Will be interesting to see the difference. Hope to do FTDNA today. Will keep you posted.

    • Hi Patricia,
      Yes I am using Gedmatch and the chromosome segments to help in the DNA painter programme. Very slow process as often I don’t know if dad’s matches are on the male or female line.

  2. I’ve done an Ancestry DNA test, as well as testing my Dad and Granddad. I now need to learn more about it to get more out of the results 🙂 I’ve already picked up a book to help me.

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