Letter N challenge

Today is ANZAC Day here in Australia and New Zealand so I thought I could combine three things in one post.

Wreaths in Hall of ValourThe letter N is for

New Course

I have enrolled as a student in a new course HAA007 (part of the Diploma of Family History) at the University of Tasmania titled “Convict Ancestors” run by Hamish Maxwell-Stewart and his team. I have previously been involved with “Founders and Survivors” also organized with Hamish and a different team. They were looking at descendants of convicts and how their improvements in health evolved over time eg height , weight of sons, grandsons  etc

So this leads to the second part of this post which is looking at the descendants of my convicts who may have served in WWI. I will need to carefully look at my database and check them out – so far I know of three in the COLGRAVE side of the tree.

Finally to the third thing in this post is a link I found on another facebook group which is about a special blog post for Military Monday and relating to ANZAC Day. For those searching for information on their soldiers in WWI, check out the great links in that blog post.

So now let’s start the true part of the post.  My convicts and their descendants who served in WWI:

Francis COL(E)GRAVE:

Great grandson – Private Roy Graham COLGRAVE who I have researched carefully and already written a post about his life in WWI. His records are in the National Archives of Australia SERN 5996 – 56 pages

Grandson –  William COLGRAVE – SERN 834 – 66 pages

Grandson –  Walter COLGRAVE – SERN Depot – 20 pages

Great grandson –  Walter William COLGRAVE – SERN T9050 – 15 pages

Great grandson –  Tasman Allan COLGRAVE – SERN 1060 – 33 pages

Great grandson – Angus Colin COLGRAVE – no digitised record yet

William TEDMAN

Grandson – Edward James TEDMAN – SERN 6096 – 37 pages


Grandson? – Edward ENGLAND – is this Vivian Edward ENGLAND? – SERN 2177 – 16 pages

I haven’t researched the BOYD side of the tree enough to know the grandsons and great grandsons who might be mentioned in the Discovering ANZACs website.

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 letter N

Letter D challenge

1558 Ainscough Origins

Boobelle via Compfight

Direct Line or Descendants

When you began your family history research, what did you start with? Did you begin with yourself and go back one generation at a time following your direct line only? Or did you also look at the descendants of those direct lines?

I know when I began I started just with names, dates and places and going back as far as I could – in fact I got back to 1604 with one line in Bedfordshire, England. I made connections with other researchers by using the Rootsweb emailing lists and also contacting others mentioned in the IGI (International Genealogical Index) and the IGRD (International Genealogical Research Directory). I exchanged information through RAOGK (Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness) where I would do some research in Tasmania for a person in another county of England and they would do research for me in their county.

But nowadays technology has really allowed me to do a lot more research with original records online. Less having to visit an actual archives, at least for the basics of BDM records. But it is fantastic to see so many Historical Societies having a presence online. This now allows me to connect with locals in the areas where my ancestors lived. My family history blog has also created connections with family members I knew nothing about.

By researching the descendants I have found out more about their life as a family and the community they lived in. Trove and other newspaper reports have put flesh on the bones of my family rather than just a list of names, dates and places.

Surnames in my direct line include:

  • WYATT – unknown where born
  • ENGLAND – Rotherham, York, ENG
  • SMITH – Recherche Bay, Tasmania AUS but originally Samoan and given surname Smith
  • DAVEY – Devon, ENG – free settler and down to 7 possible people
  • TEDMAN – London, ENG – waterman
  • CHANDLER – London, ENG – gardeners in Tasmania and at Government House in the 1860’s
  • COLGRAVE –  Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, ENG – back to 1604
  • SOMMERS – Portland, Tasmania, AUS
  • JACKSON – Donegal, Ireland
  • DIXON – London, ENG
  • BOYD – Maker, Cornwall, ENG
  • WATKINS – Hull, Yorkshire, ENG
  • HEARN – Edgeware, London, ENG
  • BRYANT – Rotherhithe, London, ENG
  • BULL – London, ENG
  • SWAIN – Maidstone, Kent, ENG

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letter D

Letter C challenge

There were so many choices for this letter:

Christmas traditions, convicts, certificates

But I chose two that were more specific to my research.

Cemetery at Cockle Creek near Catamaran

Many of you know I have been researching my whaling captain, William SMITH. But this post is more about his wife’s family. Sarah Ann TEDMAN and her sister Rosetta Caroline Tedman married on the same day, one to William Smith and the other to Domingo Jose EVORALL.

The marriage took place on September 30, 1874 in Burnett Street, Hobart Town, under the rites of the Congregationalists. Witnesses to the marriages were William Tedman, William John Tedman and Mary Ann Tedman. They all made their mark on the license.

Both William Smith and Domingo were mariners of full age and bachelors who could write their own names, while Sarah Ann age 19 could not and left her mark instead; her sister age 17 could write her own name. Both girls were daughters of a splitter.

Now that you know the closeness of these two families you will see my reason for choosing these words for this week’s letter.

My grandmother on the Smith side had property left to her at Cockle Creek and we would often go down to camp there when I was younger. We knew there was a cemetery in among the sand dunes but had never really looked at it until I started doing the family history. It was then we found the following graves. These are the before and after shots from a day of clearing around the graves.

December 2010 001 December 2010 017


The three graves with headstones belong to William Tedman and Mary Ann Tedman and John Edward Louis Evorall. We don’t know who the other grave spots are for as there were no headstones or footstones to give us clues.

William Tedman
William Tedman
John Edward Louis Evorall
John Edward Louis Evorall
Mary Ann Tedman
Mary Ann Tedman


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letter c

Getting ready to research

William SMITH and family

So I have now looked through the filing cabinet, folders, computer program to find everything I already have on William SMITH and his family. I have decided to put together two folders. There will be some duplicate items in them.

The first folder will be a storyline of William SMITH from his birth in 1840 through to his death in 1913. Included in this will be all his whaling journeys, marriage, family life and birth of children through to his death and burial. This is what I will be aiming to add to as my major research in the family history course.

The second folder will be about William SMITH and Sarah Ann TEDMAN family. Again lots of births, marriages and death with a separate pocket for each child born to them.

Readers: Are there any repositories and records you would recommend I search to find information about Captain William SMITH, master mariner?


Family of Captain William and Sarah Ann Smith

William SMITH (21), b. 25 Mar 1840, d. 27 Oct 1913

+Sarah Ann TEDMAN (22), b. 18 Apr 1857, m. 30 Sep 1874, d. 7 May 1902

James Henry SMITH (49), b. 17 Nov 1876, d. 12 Aug 1924

 +Alice Maude ADAMS (50), b. 10 Dec 1887, m. 19 Dec 1911, d. 8 Jul 1929

Mary Ann SMITH (51), b. 8 Jul 1878, d. 3 Mar 1951

+Henry DOHERTY (4927), b. 1876, m. 10 Jun 1900, d. 21 Nov 1953

 Violet Evelyn DOHERTY (4928), d. 26 Aug 1957

Arthur Ernest DOHERTY (4975)

Lydia Lucy Isabelle DOHERTY (4977)

Phyllis Zilla DOHERTY (4984)

Valvina Maude DOHERTY (4981)

 Robert DOHERTY (4982)

Henry James DOHERTY (4979), b. 1904, d. 13 Nov 1970

Thomas Alexander (Albert) SMITH (52), b. 2 Dec 1880, d. 15 Sep 1885

William Demingo SMITH (53), b. 13 Feb 1883, d. 16 Sep 1885

Robert Edward SMITH (14), b. 21 Dec 1884, d. 4 Aug 1964

+Irene Nellie SOMMERS (CLARK?) (15), b. 20 May 1889, d. 3 Jun 1952

Irene Ellen Gertrude SMITH (9), b. 23 Jul 1909, d. 10 Jul 1988

William Henry Basil SMITH (68), b. 1 Jun 1911, d. before 2002

Madelene Constance Victoria SMITH (69), b. 9 Sep 1912, d. 4 Jan 1999

Myra Isobella (Pat) SMITH (70), b. 21 Sep 1913, d. 25 Jul 2003

Olga Phyllis SMITH (71), b. 4 Jun 1915, d. before 2003

Naida Pauline May (Nancy) SMITH (72), b. 3 Sep 1916, d. 16 Mar 1978

Jack SMITH (73), b. 22 Apr 1918, d. 23 Jun 2000

Sarah Ellen (Sally) SMITH (80), b. 18 Aug 1919, d. before 2003

Thomas Allan SMITH (74), b. 21 Feb 1921, d. before 2003

David SMITH (75), b. 8 Jul 1923

Mervyn Leslie SMITH (76), b. 16 Jul 1925, d. 26 Dec 2002

Ruby Margaret SMITH (79), b. 6 Aug 1927

James Henry (Tony) SMITH (78), b. 9 May 1929

Maxwell Brian SMITH (77), d. 31 Jul 1993

Alexander SMITH (54), b. 2 Oct 1886, d. 18 Sep 1937

Sarah Ann Jane SMITH (55), b. 29 Jun 1889, d. 7 Jan 1890

Amelia Rosetta Violet SMITH (56), b. 31 Oct 1890, d. 17 Dec 1965

+John E TELGE (7211), m. 1927

Charles Ernest Louis SMITH (57), b. 19 May 1894, d. 26 Dec 1975

Arthur Frederick Francis SMITH (58), b. 31 Jan 1899

+Elsie (–?–) (7198)

Bob SMITH (7199)

Hilda SMITH (7200)

Family of William and Mary Anne Tedman

1. William TEDMAN (1813 – 17 Dec 1893) & Mary Ann SWAIN (1813 – 16 May 1899)

1. William John TEDMAN (6 Sep 1846 – 30 Sep 1919) & Emily Jane SMITH (1849 – )

1. TEDMAN (15 Sep 1868 – )

2. TEDMAN (14 Dec 1870 – )

3. TEDMAN (14 Oct 1871 – )

4. William John TEDMAN (3 Sep 1872 – )

5. Charles William TEDMAN (3 Nov 1873 – 1935) & Hannah CRANFIELD

6. Mary Ellen TEDMAN (1 May 1876 – )

7. Emily Jane TEDMAN (11 Apr 1879 – )

8. Edward James TEDMAN (28 Jun 1881 – )

9. Clara TEDMAN (3 Oct 1883 – )

10. Florence Amelia TEDMAN (14 Mar 1886 – )

11. Alice Maud TEDMAN (26 Oct 1887 – 23 Apr 1889)

12. Grace TEDMAN (28 Nov 1890 – )

2. William TEDMAN (2 May 1848 – 18 Jun 1848)

3. Lavinia TEDMAN (22 Mar 1850 – 6 Jun 1850)

4. Mary Ann TEDMAN (7 Apr 1851 – ) & Churn ARGENT (1837 – )

1. Mary Ann ARGENT (1869 – 1870)

2. Sarah Ann ARGENT (1870 – ) & Adolphus HARDY (1866 – )

3. William John ARGENT (1876 – )

5. Joseph TEDMAN (21 Aug 1855 – 13 Jun 1856)

6. Sarah Ann TEDMAN (18 Apr 1857 – 7 May 1902) & William SMITH (25 Mar 1840 – 27 Oct 1913)

1. James Henry SMITH (17 Nov 1876 – 12 Aug 1924) & Alice Maude ADAMS

2. Mary Ann SMITH (8 Jul 1878 – 3 Mar 1951)

3. Thomas Alexander SMITH (2 Dec 1880 – 15 Sep 1885)

4. William Demingo SMITH (13 Feb 1883 – 16 Sep 1885)

5. Robert Edward SMITH (21 Dec 1884 – 4 Aug 1964) & Irene Nellie SOMMERS (CLARK?) (20 May 1889 – 4 Jun 1952)

6. Alexander SMITH (2 Oct 1886 – 18 Sep 1937)

7. Sarah Ann Jane SMITH (29 Jun 1889 – 7 Jan 1890)

8. Amelia Rosetta Violet SMITH (31 Oct 1890 – 17 Dec 1965)

9. Charles Ernest Louis SMITH (19 May 1894 – 26 Dec 1975)

10. Arthur Frederick SMITH (31 Jan 1899 – )

7. Rosetta Caroline TEDMAN (1 May 1860 – 23 Jul 1928) & Domingo Jose EVERALL

8. Amelia TEDMAN (1 May 1860 – 11 May 1860)

William Tedman

William TEDMAN was born in Kensington, London about 1813. By the age of 20, he was 5’6″, had a fresh complexion, round head, brown hair and eyebrows but deep grey eyes. He had an oval visage, medium high forehead, sharp nose, medium wide mouth and round chin. He was a Protestant, could read and write and was a brickmaker by trade.

But in 1833, he was convicted and then transported for 7 years for breaking a box and stealing a coat. He was tried in Middlesex on 14 February 1833. Whilst on the hulk, he was orderly and the surgeon’s report was good. He departed England on 1 December 1833 on the ship John 2.

His conduct record in Van Diemens Land says the following:

7 February 1835 whilst in the employ of Mr COTTON – Disorderly conduct, reprimanded yet very soon after he is to be appointed to the Police as a reward for good conduct in having defended his Master’s house and family from Bushrangers during his absence from home. (See memo of Chief Police Magistrate {C.P.M.} 14 January 1836)

16 January 1837 he was caught allowing women under his charge to get drunk and denying that he was a constable and giving a false name Tread Mill 14 days and pay stopped during that time Assistant Police Magistrate (A.P.M.)

31 January 1837 apprehending John Lawler and putting him in handcuffs and afterwards discharging him without bringing him before a magistrate, also allowing counterfeit coin to be passed in his presence without taking any notice of it, dismissed from the police but acquitted of charge. (A.P.M.) Green Ponds (See memo Lieut Governor 25 February 1837)

16 June 1837 whilst in employ of Mr Mark – drunk only admonished

At some stage he worked in the Engineering Department at ‘Brickfields’ in North Hobart. Whilst working for George Espie he had his Ticket of Leave.

He was given his free certificate No 156 in 1840.

He married Mary Anne Swaine on 26 August 1845.