Colgraves near Evandale

Francis Colgreave appears in the 1858 Assessment Roll for Morven as the owner of a house at Evandale.  He is also listed in the 1867 Directory of Tasmania as a farmer at Evandale.  From 1871 until 1890 Francis Colgrave Senior is listed as the owner of 12 acres and house at Evandale.

In 1881, Francis Colgrave Junior owned 90 acres at Blessington.  In 1891 Francis senior disappears from the rolls due to his death and the names of Samuel, William and Henry Colgrave appear together with Francis Junior.

The 1899-1900 polling list for Evandale also has the names of:

  • Francis J. Colgrave – owner of land at Blessington
  • Samuel Colgrave of Evandale – owns land at Blessington
  • Henry of Evandale – owns a house in Evandale
  • Francis Junior of Blessington – owns land at Kings Meadows
  • James of Evandale was an employee of C. Harvey.

Francis Colgrave’s death was noticed in the Examiner 27 October 1890 – he died on the 25 at his residence, Evandale aged 85.  His widow Isabella died on 3 November 1890 aged 67 Examiner 4 November 1890.