Isabella Watkins

Isabella is another convict who it is hard to go further back on than just her convict records.  She was supposedly born in Hull (Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire) around 1819.  I have no record of her family members so this is where it becomes difficult.

She was a plain cook and housemaid only 4 foot 11 and a half inches in height and aged 22 when she was convicted.  She had a fresh complexion, oval head, brown eyes and eyebrows, small visage, low forehead, grey eyes, a medium nose and mouth and a low chin.  She had an E tattooed on her right arm.

She was tried at the Surrey Assizes on 29 March 1841 for stealing two shawls.  She had been convicted before and given 3 months for stealing a dress, 21 days for stockings and 2 months for stealing off Mademoiselle de Laine?.  Isabella stated she had lived her last two years by thieving.  Both her gaol report and surgeon’s report said she was bad. Whilst in England doing research I found out more information about Isabella and her previous convictions.

She was given a seven year sentence and left England on the Garland Grove on 10 October 1841.  Upon arrival in Van Diemens Land she was assigned to Mr Legge and on 10 February1842 she was given 7 days hard labour at the Launceston House of Correction or Female Factory.  This was for disobedience of orders and insolence.  A memo was sent to the Lieutenant Governor on 18 February 1842.   On 7 October 1842 she was married to Francis COLGRAVE at Evandale.  Three years later on 25 February 1845, she was given her Ticket of Leave and recommended for her conditional pardon on 5 May 1846.  This was approved on 21 September 1847.

2 thoughts on “Isabella Watkins

  1. Hi Sue
    I have found a Watkins in my family line on my mother’s side – William Watkins and his daughter Tabitha Watkins. In looking at another family tree I recall the name Isabella! I will have another look and see if my memory serves me correctly!

    • Hi Annette,
      I haven’t got any further back on Isabella as I can’t find her birth in England anywhere with the records available at the moment.

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