Martha Hearn and siblings

Having found her marriage certificate and noticed the church was in Little Stanmore, England, I then checked out her birth. Finding one at Great Stanmore, I looked at a map to find out how close these two towns were or maybe in the 20 years between birth and marriage, the towns might have separated. As I find more siblings, I will add their information here.

Here is her baptism certificate (births were not required to be registered until the 1830’s).

Baptism of Martha Hearn 1816
Baptism of Martha Hearn 1816

Parents: Margaret and Richard HEARN

Date of baptism: 27 October 1816

Church: St John the Evangelist, Great Stanmore

Source Citation: London Metropolitan Archives, Great Stanmore St John the Evangelist, Register of Baptism, dro/014/a/01, Item 008

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