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Howland Family Chart - How George Bush, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Smith are Related

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What a great nine weeks I have just spent over the summer holidays!

Thanks to Cathie Fall from Sorell School for mentioning she was going to do this course, so I thought, why not.

I have certainly learnt a lot especially about writing sources, being organized and creating research logs. Now whenever I go to the archives I have a purpose and I stick to it, instead of being sidetracked by lots of other things I might find. I also use my iPad more when researching. I have the Google docs app on there through my Google drive which then syncs when I am at home.

Over the next few weeks while we still have access to the MyLO area and the discussions, I will be creating an HSP105 page with lots of links sorted into various categories. With over 10000 posts to look through, it should make interesting work.

Readers: What was the best part of this course?

7 thoughts on “End of family history course

  1. I have yet to submit my Final Assessment Task 3 and must admit pressure is rising though I have finally found the words. Having a ‘swimmer’ (great new term I’ve leant) as my subject I was off ‘swimming with the convicts’ and nearly lost sight of the shore!

    I’m pleased to have found someone who I believe is my great, great grandfather ‘Pioneer’ John RUSSELL but a little disappointed there is no evidence as yet. I do have good leads and armed with my new knowledge and the right tools for researching I may be able to find out about his life before his marriage in Deloraine on 10 August 1852.

    On about 05 March 2015 I will be visiting the Tasmanian Archives and it would be lovely to meet with you Sue. I would be honoured and feel privileged to be in the company of one of our illustrious student’s within this World Heritage Listed Collection.

    Thanks for your help in the look up at the Archives and other mentoring and especially for teaching how to establish a Family History blog. I look forward to bringing mine up to par once I’ve submitted.

    • Wendy,
      Glad you have found some great leads and have decided to come to Tasmania to follow some of them. I would love to meet you at the archives. Just leave a message a couple of days before on the HSP facebook page and I will meet you there.

  2. Sue please accept my appreciation for your generosity in sharing your work over these last 9 weeks. I have found your posts to be informative and enlightening to say the least. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it to be stimulating and I certainly expanded my knowledge about many aspects of family history. This came no only from the course materials but from other students such as yourself and was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding components of the program. I will be visiting Tassie in May for family reasons and will be following up on a number of sources – also we are travelling to Ireland and the UK later this year and have 5 weeks to follow up many links for both my husband’s family and my own. Really looking forward to that and this course has helped me plan for this so hope it is successful. Again many thanks and all the best for the your future research activities. Are you happy forme to continue to be in contact with you after the course? I would appreciate tat so please let me know. Best wishes Gillian

    • Hi Gillian,
      Please feel free to contact me at any time. I love helping in any way. If in Hobart and visiting the archives, mention it in the Facebook page and I could meet you there.

      Whenever i head to the UK I always do follow up of family history. I spent three weeks in Ireland last year checking out my Irish convict lass – needed to go to the local archives to find most of the information, but Irish Archives in Dublin does have some information.

      • Many thanks Sue I will do that and thanks also for the tips on Ireland. I have been searching for my Irish ancestors for a long time and even with the help of the Tipperary FH Group cannot locate their exact place of origin. So hoping for better luck when we actually go there. With names like Dwyer and Ryan you can see the problem! I will be in touch and again many thanks. Gillian

  3. Yes, thank you Sue, I have read many of your posts, and found them very helpful and enlightening. All the best for your future research.


  4. The best part is actually starting with this great resource you have put up. Thank you

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