Spirit of ANZAC experience

Have you had the Spirit of ANZAC centenary experience come to your town or city?


My father is interested in general history while my mother is more into family history, so yesterday I spent over two hours at the ANZAC experience with my father.

It was held at the Derwent Entertainment Centre and was free entry but you still had to book your ticket. The organization was very structured – book ticket, arrive on time, enter in small group, get instructions on how to use interactive ipods, test our audio then head into the actual experience – run like clockwork with members of the defence services in charge.


Once inside the display the ipod gave information in each section beginning with Australian Federation period then heading into World War I and near the end, other conflicts Australia has participated in.


In every part of the display were artefacts that you could get more information about by tapping your ipod on the red button and waiting for the info to download. At the end of the full experience, you added in your email address and this info will be sent to your home for you to keep.

A fantastic two hours were spent (recommended one hour) learning more about WWI to add to my knowledge from the 100 stories course I did earlier in the year.

Readers: If you have visited this ANZAC experience, what were the highlights for you?

5 thoughts on “Spirit of ANZAC experience

  1. Hi Sue Anzac Show looks interesting. Wanted to ask if you have seen The British Secret Islands episodes on TV lately? Went to places like Falkland Islands etc. I saw an old whaling sea’ Captain Smith” on one show he had a slight Irish brogue if that is possible. Made me think of your Captain Smith. Might not be a link to you but just wanted to let you know. Regards Marg T

    • Thanks Margaret,
      Doubt if he is a relative but thanks for thinking of my Captain Smith. I haven’t seen that show – sounds interesting. Might have to look it up on Google.

  2. I haven’t been to this one but i did go to the ANZAC centre in Albany WA earlier this year. Absolutely wonderful my 11 year old son was engaged and interested throughout the time we spent there.
    I am currently doing WW1 100 stories course wwwhich is fascinating also.

    • G’day Kate,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. The 100 stories is fascinating and makes you appreciate the life we live now with relative peace and freedom. If I ever head to WA again, I will have to visit the ANZAC centre in Albany – I usually go to the whaling exhibits there.

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