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Government Gazettes and publications
There are many ways to find information on your ancestors and their life. The government is great at keeping records other than a census in Australia.

As a true blue Tasmanian descended from both free settlers and those who had a journey overseas paid for by a government from a previous country, I can find a lot by checking government Gazettes and other publications like electoral rolls and almanacs.

The Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office (TAHO) has been digitising a lot of their records that used to be microfilmed or in huge books. Here is a list of some online:

  • Government gazette papers – Trove
  • Electoral rolls
  • Convict records
  • Arrivals and departures
  • Census and musters
  • Divorces
  • Wills
  • Inquests
  • Tasmanian Post Office Directories – early form of white pages
  • Publicans licenses

It is very important to check out guides from your local archives to find out what they have either online or available if you visit them. National Archives Australia has a series of fact sheets about what is available there.

Cora Num has some great links to look through on her website including some references to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Readers: Please leave a comment about my post or something beginning with G that relates to your family history or your research.

letter G


15 thoughts on “Letter G challenge

  1. Generations.

    My grandchildren are 7th generation Australians. Without my convict and free settler families, that came to this foreign land, it would not have been built into the thriving country it is today.
    I believe much gratitude is owed to them.

  2. G is for government records that are only as good as the information given or the spelling abilities of the recorder. Generosity of family members sharing their family stories for us to prove or disprove. Grogans who came from Ireland but that is where the brick wall starts.

  3. Here’s to my Great Aunts and Godmothers who all gave me a love for Gardening. A fond Goodnight to you all.

  4. Google- a very helpful source to find information on ancestors.

    Great great great grandparents- all of them have been the ones to hold my interest the most at this point. They are the ones who first came to Australia.

    The G’s have it (no doubt there are more).. George, George Frederick, George Frederick, Donald George, George Gregory, Gregory Colin, Gavin
    Grace, Gabrielle, Gladys

  5. Most of the ‘G’s for Genealogy have already been noted. However, in my personal case, it would have to be the place in Suffolk, where my paternal family originated centuries ago. That is Great Cornard! I found this out through DNA testing which proved my genetics.

    This week I have been Googling Great Cornard as a prerequisite for my etivity in the Writing Family History Course.

    Another ‘G’ is Germany – the place where my children’s father and his ancestors were born.

    Also my g grandfather is listed on the census as a Gentleman.

    Think I’ll Go now.

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  7. Miss W……….In your information I was unable to access GUIDES………

    Gee, genealogy is great…….It is addictive..It also makes me feel Grateful as I now have information on previous generations and I know where I come from……..

  8. Thomas GREGORY

    Thomas GREGORY was married to my third great aunt, Martha Hutchins. He was first convicted of larceny at the age of 16 and sentenced to seven years transportation, arriving in Van Diemen’s Land in 1830. After marrying Martha in 1851, they left Tasmania for the Victorian Goldfields, where they stayed for the remainder of their lives.

  9. Hi Guys and Gals just took a short break in Longreach to visit our brand newest Grandchild: Mackenzie Lauren. I was Giggling to myself on the 600k round trip,wondering what questions our grandies and great grandies will ask of us?? One of them asked Ma in the olden days in 1984 when Mum was born what was it like? Where were you when Dianna and Charles got married? Mum loves Dianna. What about where were you when Elvis died??, now that would be a good one. Watched Joseph’s Coat with Donny Osbourne?? and talked about our school production with the grandies.. LOL
    Record it now before you forget!!
    PS the request for storms via this blog is working, we have had 3inches so far, Longreach still dry and waiting though, so whatever you did keep it up. we just might be able to wreck this drought yet. We have a new Genie recruit – started my thirteen yr old visitor
    off on her Genie Journey. Gotta Go Best Regards

  10. G is for Garvice Galvin (BRANDT)
    With 2 Christian names like that, he has been found on records with some interesting spellings! But as he was my Father I knew his details, so was able to confirm his existence with a degree of certainty.

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