Letter R challenge

They’re in! They arrived this morning!


My DNA results arrived this morning. Was I surprised with any of the results? Well…. yes I was. Below are the ethnicity results for myself, my mother and my father.

Other regions were:

  • Sue: Europe West, Great Britain, Iberian Peninsula, Europe East, European Jewish and Finland/NW Russia
  • Mum: Scandinavia, Great Britain, Iberian Peninsula and Europe East
  • Dad: Scandinavia, Great Britain, European Jewish, Iberian Peninsula, Europe East and Asia Central

Mum’s and mine were about what I thought they would be – Ireland,  Great Britain and Western Europe.

But the greatest surprise was dad’s results. I thought he would have some Pacific Islander DNA as he is supposedly 1/16th Samoan. Maybe this DNA comes through the Asia Central trace but that is <1% so nearly negligible.

The next thing I did was to upload the raw DNA data to Gedmatch. These are the gedmatch numbers in case one of my readers makes a connection.

  • Sue A702006
  • Dad A380974
  • Mum A141289

The letter A in the front means they were from Ancestry DNA. I have already had someone email me through Ancestry saying her husband, who was adopted, is a match to me but only very small.

Readers: If you have had your DNA done, were there any surprises in your results?


8 thoughts on “Letter R challenge

  1. Hi Sue
    I was 69% British, 22% Irish and the rest primarily Iberian Peninsular. The surprise for me is the 22% Irish as I haven’t found one direct ancestor who was born in Ireland and I have gone back to 7x great grandfather on Hunt line and 5 or 6x on other lines. Might need a trip over there to find out more.

    I have a couple of matches which are cousins some of which are first cousins but primarily 3 or greater.

    • Hi Dianne
      I too am from the Hunt line. I’ve only managed 5 generations back and most of these are from Suffolk/Essex from what I can work out. My g grandfather, Joseph Hunt, arrived unassisted in 1854.
      Would be interested to see if we have any connection.
      Rae Alexander (Hunt)

  2. “R” stands for Regiment. My 3xg.grandfather was in the 29th Regiment of Foot.

    “R” stands for Regulations. I came across many of those when I was in the WRAAF.

    “R” stands for relations and I have many of those. Still in search of others.

  3. “R” is for Research, across a Range of Records which must be accurately Referenced as we go.

    Also Railways, as I believe it was the development of the Railways in Britain that encourage my ancestors to move away from their home village to work.

  4. R is for Rivers, my maternal great- great- grandmother’s maiden name. Research can be amazing I found reference to her nephew’s death, and a full Naval Funeral on Trove. Midshipman William Elphinstone Tierney Rivers , aged 19, died in Hobart Town in 1877, after falling from the foretop to the deck on HMSS SAPPHIRE. He was buried in the Queenborough Cemetery ( Sandy Bay).

  5. R is for Reid

    Annie Reid was my Great Great Grandmother. She was born in Invergordon, Scotland in 1834 and in 1854, she married my Great Great Grandfather, Alexander Grant Scott. They arrived in Victoria in 1855 and had nine children, eight of whom lived to adulthood. Annie and Alexander lived much of their life in the Warrnambool / Hamilton area in western Victoria, before moving to Collingwood. Annie died in 1912.

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