Letter X challenge

The letter X usually marks the spot on a treasure map. For genealogists X usually marks the place where all the resources can be found when researching your ancestors.

So now that I have finished my subjects for the Diploma of Family History, I am going to take the time to update my list of resources in the page above the header of this blog.

I will have the basic “Introduction to family history” resources on one page, then a separate page for “Convict resources” and another for “Military resources”. Are there any other specific sections you think I should have as separate pages?

Readers: Please leave a comment about my post or something beginning with X that relates to your family history or your research.

letter X

8 thoughts on “Letter X challenge

  1. X is for x-rated stories- the ones kept hidden and no-one would talk about- the convicts, prostitutes, deserters and bigamists, murderers etc. And then just stories kept as its nobody else’s business.

  2. X-citing to be finished Diploma of Family History Sue. Congratulations and really well done. Xoxo

  3. X – is for all the eXtra activities you have helped us with Sue. It has been an eXtroadinary journey.

    In many of our ancestors’ documents it has been necessary for them to sign with an ‘X’, their mark, as they have been illiterate.

  4. X is for Xenophile- a person who likes foreign things. This describes my maternal great grandfather who filled his home with objects, collected from his Army postings around the world. Objects fro China, Japan, India and Nova Scotia. Each piece had a story to tell.

  5. X marks the spot, where my ancestors lived that is, not treasure. Well finding their addresses is a treasure of sorts.

  6. X is for eXtremely hard to find something starting with X. None of my ancestors had a first name or a surname beginning with X.

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