Letter Y challenge

Excellent letter for nearing the end of the challenge and for those finishing their diploma. I want to ask:


  1. can’t I find my father’s father’s birth?
  2. can’t I find Rebecca Jackson’s mother?
  3. is it easier to find records in Tasmania than in England?
  4. is it difficult to understand DNA?
  5. can’t I date photos very well?
  6. is there no Polynesian ethnicity in my father when his grandfather is supposedly half Samoan?
  7. can’t I find which of 7 John Davey’s in Devon is mine?

I am hoping understanding DNA more might help me answer some of these questions.

Readers: Please leave a comment about my post or something beginning with Y that relates to your family history or your research.

letter Y

8 thoughts on “Letter Y challenge

  1. Y is for YONGE. I have a second cousin, twice removed with the name of Gustave Edward Huscared Yonge. Despite having such an exotic sounding name both Gustave and his father, (also Gustave) were born in England.

  2. Y is for Yokohama, where my Grandmother’s eldest brother was born. Great grandfather had quite a collection of 19th Century photographs of Yokohama.

  3. Y- why – very clever.
    My dad when asked a “why?”, would answer because Y is a crooked letter and it can’t be straightened!
    Never got the question answered. Thinking didn’t have an answer.

    • My Mum used to say Y’s a crooked letter and Z’s no better. That answer was so frustrating but if you didn’t take heed and quit while you were still in front ; or climb the Mulberry tree quick enough your bottom would have the message reinforced: I am tired I don’t know Why !! and as I have told you before, children should be seen and not heard!
      But I also found this little gem with the cutest picture of a little girl wearing a pair of scientists glasses which said:
      Young (LOL) girls should be encouraged to explore what they find interesting, so that they grow up to be interesting people. We may not be quite so young Sue but I find your thoughts and Blogg most interesting so please persist. Marg

  4. Y is for YEOMAN. A farmer who owns his land, not a tenant farmer. I’ve found a few of my Yeoman ancestors have left a Will which has been very helpful in getting family members sorted on my family tree.

    • Speaking of Yeoman, I have a GG Grandfather yeoman who sent his daughter off to Australia because she was expecting ‘my Grandfather’. I have his Father’s name and occupation in about 1890 and the family names: Thomas, Kenneth, Strathmore and Lionel. I am KEEN to find my ALFORD!! So we will see what the journeys o’er the seas can bring…

      • Hi Margaret
        What is a few years between question and replies??
        My cousin’s husband father’s sister married a Keen descendant from Amy Elizabeth. She was Margaret Sibley and married Lionel William Hector Keen in 1961. I was just doing a bit of searching for my cousin, as their internet is sparse, and Ancestry has “free?” searches this weekend.

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