Letter Z challenge

Throughout this diploma course, I have had to zigzag across oceans, around countries and within states to find information for my assignments.

We had the chance to zigzag through the library databases at UTAS, whether it was using Ancestry Library edition or the British Newspapers or finding scholarly articles for our assignments.

We were lucky with the fantastic lectures and resources given to us by the organizers of each unit within the diploma. We learnt about the value of primary and secondary sources as well as referencing even though this was updated for each unit.

I thought I knew a lot about researching family history when I started this diploma but my eyes have been opened to the value of doing more than just names, dates and places in my software database.

So it is now time for a sleep (maybe a short nap only) before I start updating my resources list on this blog and organizing my research both online and in folders or filing cabinets.

Thank you all for participating in this challenge over the last couple of years.


Readers: Please leave a comment about my post or something beginning with Z that relates to your family history or your research.

letter Z

7 thoughts on “Letter Z challenge

  1. ZZZs so looking forward to some now that the research into my soldier is finished and essay submitted.

  2. Z is for…
    Zippety do da Zippety day,
    My oh my what a wonderful day,
    I’ve finished this letter challenge down to the ‘Z’.
    And passed my third 100-level university unit.
    My oh my what a wonderful day
    Zippety do da, Zippety day !

    ( with apologies to the Nursery Rhyme I learnt as a child).

  3. Z is for zzz’s and time to actually get some. Even when sleep or dream, I get is researching, filling in records, assignments etc……

  4. Zena Cazaly married my brother Lloyd Davey in January 1985 – they had 2 children – Cassandra Fay Davey and Jackson Roy Stirling Davey born in 1986 and 1989 respectively. Zena and Lloyd have both remarried – Lloyd Davey is a descendent of Ann & John Davey.

  5. Z is for Zanuck my grandmother Maggie’s maiden name. From the Colebrook,Tunnack,Rhyndaston area in Tas but German (Prussian) ancestry.

  6. Zeehan Tasmania, still tracking the whole story but its there deep in the Tassie wilderness. However, I can support the UTAS notes as well.

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