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I began the #52ancestors challenge with a great determination to finish it. But looking back I have only done the first few; I need to catch up. I want to do a good job with each week so I am not going to rush it.

I have had an excuse though – since early February, my mother has spent more time in hospital than out of it, so there were many doctors appointments and running my father back and forward to the hospital to cope with as well as a genealogical trip to Sydney and a holiday in Bright, Victoria.  In a couple of weeks I will be heading off to Cape York with limited internet capabilities.

So to remind myself and my readers here are the prompts set out by Amy Johnson Crow, a genealogist from USA.

As I write a post, I will include the surnames mentioned in the post as well as put a link to the actual post. So this post will be continually  updated.

  1. Start
  2. Favourite photo – 4 generations Colgrave, Davey, England, Phillips
  3. Longevity – Chandler, Bryant
  4. Invite to dinner – Bryant, Chandler, England, Jackson
  5. In the census – John Davey
  6. Favourite name – Julia Charlotte Chandler
  7. Valentine – William Demingo Smith
  8. Heirloom – carnival glass
  9. Where there’s a will – checked out wills of direct relatives
  10. Strong woman
  11. Lucky
  12. Misfortune
  13. The old Homestead
  14. Maiden aunt
  15. Taxes
  16. Storms
  17. Cemetery
  18. Close up
  19. Mother’s Day


2 thoughts on “So far behind

  1. Thanks Sue, have completed the first three but living family has been coming first lately. Enjoy your break up north.

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