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  1. Hi there, My Grandmother was Mary Maru and the photo dated the 19th Jan 2019 looks like Jessie, Mary & Amy with James (Jim) standing. While I have done the Sowerby family tree, I haven’t gone far back with the Marus, although knew some of Mary’s sisters and brothers and her parents. I recently told me daughter that we had Indian in our family and she was very interested, so it has started me looking again now at this family tree. Aileen

    • Hi Aileen,
      I haven’t done any research on the Maru family as they are not in my direct line but I know they were in the Bendigo Ballarat area of Victoria. When you get into the research, feel free to ask me for any clues or help.

    • The man standing behind Jessie, Mary and Amy is Frank Robert Maru who was my father. I have other photos which were taken of the above people at the same time.

      • Helen,
        Thanks for the updates on the information for the photos in this post. I have now corrected them so the right people and their relationships to Selina and Alladean is mentioned.

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