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Over the last year or so I have been dabbling with the chromosome maps in DNA Painter, but today I decided to import a GEDCOM from my Wyatt family tree on Ancestry and start using the Fan tree.

Once the data was in there, I could quickly see a couple of things.

My tree completeness:

This shows how many grandparents I have found so far in my research. I can see I have quite a lot to find that are only a few generations back. I am hoping that DNA testing of mum and dad will help with solving some of those missing people.

How many grandparents I still need to find

My Fan tree created by uploading GEDCOM data.

This shows in a more visual way where the people are that I need to research. As you can see, I need to do more work on my father’s side. But the problem is the DNA matches I have for dad are all in the 4th cousin plus further back on his paternal side. On his maternal side, I have a few births and baptisms with different father’s names.

Visual showing where I need to research the ancestors


Readers: Have you tried using DNA Painter or have you created charts like these using your own software or another website online?

4 thoughts on “Using DNA Painter

  1. That’s interesting. I am just uploading some results to gedcom for the first time to try to solve a mystery.

    • Hi Dianne,
      Do you mean you are uploading your DNA data to GedMatch where you can then compare to others who have also uploaded their data?

      A GEDCOM which I uploaded is from a family tree you have created and are the names, dates and places. I have a fairly large tree on Ancestry, so I went into tree settings and created a GEDCOM from there to upload into DNA Painter.

  2. Hi Sue
    Your posts are always so interesting. I was looking at DNA Painter a while back but couldn’t work out how to use it. What happens if you have split your parents tree? I have Parsons/Paterson tree for maternal side and Sykes tree for paternal side. It would be great to see so easily what I have missed to date…though I am hoping it is not much back to 1700s.

    • Hi DIanne,
      You could upload a tree for your mum and a tree for your dad separately into DNA Painter. I am a subscribed member for DNA Painter and want to start doing the chromosome mapping with it, using my info from GedMatch, FTDNA and MyHeritage. I have done a bit of the mapping but now I understand it a bit more and you can add data in bulk, I will spend more time there now.

      Here is a link to a talk by the creator of DNA Painter explaining what it is about. That is my job tomorrow to check it out and learn more.

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