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Sorry I haven’t written any new posts, including #52ancestors, on this blog for the last couple of months. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing family history research.

One of the students who had recently completed the Diploma of Family History offered to run some sessions on using WordPress for creating a family history website. I decided to have a go even though Edublogs also uses WordPress but I am using blocks rather than the visual editor I am used to in Edublogs.

I started a new blog that is dedicated just to biographies of my direct grandparents. So far I have written about:


Working on great grandmother Julia Charlotte Chandler at the moment


Will be finding it difficult to write on further paternal grandparents as little is known about them. Trying to connect with relatives through DNA who might be able to give me more information.

I might eventually extend this new blog to biographies of other relatives but I still have quite a few of my maternal ancestors to write about yet.

Readers: How do you share information about your ancestors with your relatives?

3 thoughts on “No new posts for a while

  1. If I am speaking to them and they show interest in the subject I give or send them a copy of the tree…. It is then up to them to ask the questions……

    Presently, I am writing my own life story.. Still a long way from finishing…. A couple of friends have read it and are impressed with the way it is being written….. A writer friend advised me to use the word I as little as possible….This I have endeavoured to do………..Sam

  2. Hi Sue great to see you back, I hope you have been faring Ok with the Covid 19, won’t that be an interesting one to look back on… We have a monument erected in our town to honour a man who worked tirelessly during the Spanish Flu caring for many people, he eventually succumbed to the illness himself. His name was Reg Barry. We have been doing lots of housework, tidying and sorting here and have restarted the veggie seedlings again this season despite having sworn last year was the end of our plot. I have been revisiting some of my family history notes and found treasures I didn’t even remember putting away, filed safely under “for another day”. I had three passengers who all travelled to Australia the year before my grandfather was born or conceived ??; the entry did say was Registered by his Mother, not he was actually born on this day… Point taken. Anyway sorted Amy out at last for sure, she came as Ann Eliza, Eliza Kane (not Keen) travelled from Ireland and had a husband so not mine, and the other wee lassie came from Scotland. The Irish Eliza’s husband had an employment category stated as an L7. I was wondering what he actually did and googled an L7 census code 1890 found only vague answers. Do you know of any useful sites relating to this topic? Well best be off. Stay safe. Regards Marg

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