Our DNA updates

Ancestry has recently updated their DNA results especially ethnicity. So in this post I want to compare how our ethnicity results have changed since our first set of results in 2017/2018.

Sue’s results 2017 compared to 2021


Mum’s results in 2017 compared to 2021


Dad’s results in 2017 compared to 2021

Philip’s results in 2018 compared to 2021

Reflection on results

Basically as a family we are still mainly British, in particular English and Scottish. The countries have changed groups as Wales is now treated as separate from other countries in Great Britain. I like that regions are now shown eg Devon and Cornwall, Yorkshire as these are now coinciding very well with results from Living DNA.

Looks like I am going to have to do more Scottish research as those percentages have gone way up but before that, I will need to find who the people are in my tree who are of Scottish origin. I have found two so far on dad’s side both convicts in 1848, but I have not found any Scottish ancestors on mum’s side yet.

Looking at the Irish results, I only have one Irish person on mum’s side and as they lived around Londonderry area, the person could count in both the Irish and Scottish results. I have 5 possible Irish convicts on dad’s side but some are not yet definitively proven as ancestors.

Readers: If you have tested with Ancestry, how have your present results changed since you first got your results?

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