Using voice to text test run

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In our last Twitter chat Jennifer spoke about being organised for the A-Z challenge in April next year. I thought I could do the challenge on my Sorell blog. So I’m going to be asking some of the locals from the Sorell Historical Society to give me suggestions for words for each letter of the alphabet so that I can research and write posts about them on the Sorell 200 years on blog that I have.

This post has been written by using voice to text. This was a suggestion made by Carmel in one of our other Twitter chats for the #ANZAncestryTime

Questions about using voice to text:

  • How do you get a fullstop or hashtag?
  • How do you get a new paragraph?

For the first test run, it did very well. Sorell was a word it got stuck on but I expected that. Might have to start using the Windows+H key more often for writing my blog posts.

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