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Did you keep track of your genealogy achievements in 2021? Were there any research obstacles that you hope to solve in 2022?

I didn’t keep track but I could look back through my blog posts to see what I had accomplished. Haven’t written post yet about @WikiTreers profiles completed but they will be in 2022

Sue you have even kept track of #ANZAncestryTime in your blog posts!

I planned to focus on editing, reviewing and adding research to extensive family stories I drafted years ago. I did manage to do some of that but not as much as I wanted. I was pleased with my 2021 A2Z which generated good conversations. #ANZAncestryTime

This year once again I am working to reduce my @wikitree watchlist. Before I orphan a profile I research it as fully as possible. I will keep only my direct line and those I need to do more work on.

I print my watchlist once a year. I have reduced it by nearly a half bearing in mind that there are quite a few that will stay on it like me, my husband, my siblings, etc. I passed 10,000 @wikitree contributions and am now going for the next 10,000.

Some of my significant finds in 2021 I wrote about in blogs. I kept some research logs but not every achievement was recorded

Sharn I am in the process of adapting Thomas MacEntee’s research log for my own purposes and am finding it quite useful and interesting. I still have a long way to go but like the concept.

I did do a review of sorts regarding where my #FamilyHistory research had taken me in 2021 followed by some thinking, in broad terms, about where I want to focus in 2022/

one of my plans for 2021 was further research into my Scottish ancestors. I did get lots of Scottish research done, but there’s still more to do so it’s now on the 2022 plan.

The @scottishindexes conferences have been a huge help with my Scottish research Jennifer and I’m sure yours too

I have added a lot of DNA matches to my personal Legacy tree and have done lots of research on my family. I have found missing family for others using research and DNA matches.

I did not keep track of anything last year and have no particular goals for this year

All of what I achieved can be found in emails, because I am working in collaboration with other family members. I also wrote an article, which will be published this year. Most obstacles are at the pre-Australian arrival (UK) stage.

I do a review at the turn of the year. For my tree i note how many of each generation I have found. This year I also made a chart based on Yvette Hoitink’s ‘Level up’ approach so that will help me see progress when I have gone for depth vs expansion. I started creating WikiTree profiles this year so that will give me a new goal to track. For DNA i keep track of how many matches i have for 4C or closer and how many identified. I also have set a baseline on how many ancestors I have confirmed with DNA – trying to do this more systematically.

I did hardly any family history in 2021. I still have 3 spreadsheets I am trying to combine into a database so I can make queries to find missing data more easily.

Looking back to 2021, probably did more for my local group rather than for my own genealogy. The AJCP thing A-Z and presentations was a fair achievement. Collaboration with husbands Galvin relative yielded lots of excellent results

Tbh I did not do much research this year – just couldn’t focus. I have done a lot of organizing – changed my computer filing system, set up new GDAT DNA database, consolidated trees, organised my bookmarks into a proper ‘Research Toolbox’, wrote bios

smashing my USA brickwall was big achievement for 2021 & working on Fellowship of First Fleeters website & keeping local chapter running on zoom – plus exhibitions for Seniors & Heritage Festival at local museum & commemoration of 1887 Bulli Mine Disaster

My journal for 2021 records 5 small genealogical finds. Eagerly waiting for my Ulster HF research report this month that replaced my cancelled trip to Ireland

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Have you made a list of your 2022 genealogy goals? What areas of genealogy will you be focusing on in 2022?

In 2022 I’m focusing on Scotland and Bedfordshire England. Planning zooms, webinars and Blogging A-Z Challenge

My 2022 goals are fluid but I hope to complete some of the major writing projects I had planned for 2021. I’ll keep dabbing at my DNA results but have decided not to make it my major focus.

Goals for 2022 – I have not made these yet. Perhaps I will not even do any. I hate when I do not achieve any goals I have set and having missed a number of #FamilyHistory ones in recent years I think I will just work on these

I have started a list of my 2022 genealogy goals but it is still a work in progress. I have certain family lines I intend to focus on as well as painting more DNA chromosomes

yet again I will try to reduce my paper footprint in my study and scan family photos. I also want to write 52 biographies of my ancestors as an attempt at making a book for my descendants in the not too distant future. I want to continue learning too.

My husband gave me an old diary. I’m writing in it the work I want to do as I go through all the scraps of paper I used last year. I write down information on paper as I work. Once I have entered it now, I shred it! If I need to follow up, I write in my book.

I have a couple of projects I want to work on this year. Top priority is getting my father’s book on our family published online (and hopefully convincing him to register a One Name study).

One of my 2022 goals is to archive my correspondence!

2022 will be the year I finish digitising photos! (I hope!)

The watchlist is first, and following up my many notes is second. In addition, I want to start scanning slides from when I lived in England, especially of the Scotland holiday, as I might be able to use those in my profiles

While I have decided on broad areas to focus my #FamilyHistory research on, I like a bit of flexibility and fluidity so that my research can take me where it takes me unconstrained by specific annual goals and targets. For me it’s a hobby after all! It’s the journey that matters. If I go down rabbit holes or follow bright shiny objects taking me nowhere that’s fine because sometimes they do lead somewhere. You don’t know unless you look. Everything is a learning experience

I need to set some goals for this year I think getting my One Name Study website set up how I want it will be my goal but need to break down in to smaller tasks first

I use GDAT. Everything in one place, merge duplicates from different sites, count up how many have MRCA status set – only done once I have done the paper trail and added to my tree

I haven’t set any goals for the year but want to add some more direct ancestor biographies to both my blog and on @WikiTreers Also add DNA info to the shared DNA project by @blaine_5

plans for 2022 – 1. DNA 2. continue USA research 3. Museum exhibitions 4. lectures at U3A 5. Read more 6. continue Fellowship of First Fleeters websites 7. work on other family websites 9. DNA special interest group at local history group

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Would planning your 2022 research help you focus (allowing for those inevitable rabbit holes)? What would be the benefit of making resolutions?

I don’t like my plans to be too restrictive as other key life events can get in the way. Even though I don’t write the goals down, I do know what I want to achieve. I like being flexible but I also like to focus on rabbit holes that assist my research plan.

I don’t like my plans to be too restrictive as other key life events can get in the way. Even though I don’t write the goals down, I do know what I want to achieve. I like being flexible but I also like to focus on rabbit holes that assist my research plan.

I’m a planner & list maker so I need to make a plan to focus. Planning doesn’t stop me from going down those rabbit holes but I always have a plan to come back to.

Planning for 2022: should I, shouldn’t I… I know it would help and so I need to get organised to achieve something positive rather than jump roll on…… But what to pick?

I find making resolutions helps me think about exactly what it is that I am trying to do or pinpoint the frustration points and try to eliminate them e.g. why can’t I find that certificate. Answer because you haven’t filed/digitized it. They are a guide.

I’m doing the research when I have some spare time or a particular question comes up. I don’t feel any need to make resolutions for this purpose. I may join a genealogical society this year to do some courses/workshops.

I love a good wander on the iPad at any Archive or genealogy website. It is interested what you find in rabbit holes. Problem is I have loads of documents, dates found and where on my iPad. Now to add them sources to the people in my tree.

I focus my planning on house history research for clients far more than I do my own family history research. Probably a good thing that I can be organised when needed

While I don’t plan with specificity at an annual level, I do have a list (long!) of avenues of inquiry etc. with much reordering, adding to and subtracting from, during the year, as appropriate … I do plan at a specific task level though

Not sure planning would help a lot but I am presenting a few more talk /workshops this year so that will require planning. Also doing the A to Z with the Sorell Historical Society help so will need to plan that.

I definitely think I need to plan my writing projects – easier to do something “little and often” with larger tasks. Probably more a case of establishing a good habit than actually setting a deadline.

I have a lot of broad tasks I want to achieve every year. I try and get some of each done. I don’t plan what I do as you never know what might arrive the next day. One day I might feel like doing DNA matching, the next writing profiles.

Thinking about tonight’s session stimulated me to create my to do list for 2022 rather than put it off – wasn’t that hard really as essentially it is a continuation of 2020 – 2021 – however having it written down in my diaries will be a reminder

i usually have a variety of goals that I am working on and just pick up whichever one grabs me at the time. Or just browse. I have to do lists at work so happy to just enjoy.

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What resources could help you achieve your genealogy goals for 2022?

A trip to Scotland? Thinking laterally beyond the typical online genealogy subscription sites is helpful. Attending relevant online webinars that can inform my research

The best resource for me that helps me achieve my goals is my much loved white board. I don’t include the big goals there but list mini goals for each month that will get me to the big goals.

the kinds of resources that will help me in my quest will be crowdsourcing through family, family history organizations or local history societies and budgeting or allocating my time wisely.

My goals will probably change as I learn new things through conferences. I may need to reassess as I go.

48-hour days! I will have to limit my genealogy work as I seriously need to start disposing of my cartons of files from when I had a research business. I need to check for any information that I might want to use. Preparing in case I need to downsize again.

After the discussion today I think I need to focus on reviewing what I have found so far. In particular clearing the sources collected by attaching them with full details to my off line tree and therefore growing my knowledge about my ancestors.

Participation in sessions like #ANZAncestryTime will help plus ScottishIndexes conferences, Rootschat & American New England genealogy websites & Facebook groups, and reading books on my to do list – also DNA 3rd party tools

I have the website so I just need to get the information on there formatted how I want it to be I just need to use my genealogy program to create the right GEDCOM for me

More time?


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Important comment

Do what calls to you the loudest as it’s most likely the thing you’ll commit to the most readily.

Readers: Do you have any specific goals for family history this year?

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