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Back in late May this year, I received a phone call from Jan, my Guide leader from back in the 1960’s. She had been in contact with a couple of other girls who were in the original 4th Glenorchy Girl Guide Company. They were thinking of organizing a reunion and would I like to come?

Now I am not the sort of person who enjoys sitting around and just chatting with people I don’t know or haven’t seen for decades. I am more the wallflower who sits back and listens. But I know mum would have pushed me into attending so ……

I took part in the Messenger group that was created for sharing information, including photos and newspaper articles. Dad and I went through all the guiding photos he had on his computer looking for those relating to 4th Glenorchy Guides. We couldn’t find many but mum had written about building the new Guide Hall at Glenorchy which happened about the same time. Those photos we found, I emailed to Jan to include in her slide show ready for the reunion.

So the date was set as Saturday 12 – 3pm at St Marks Church Hall, Bellerive on 1st October 2022. Everyone was to bring along some food to share as well as photos, log books etc.

I was the only person still wearing a mask but took it off for a couple of minutes while eating. The room wasn’t well ventilated so the mask was back on  when talking to people and reading out the information about the Guide Hall.

I did enjoy the afternoon, checking out the log book that had been kept by another Sue, the lieutenant of the Guide Company. Also looking at the camp blankets and chatting family history, of course, with some of the other participants. Like I normally do, I took a few photos.

Readers: Have you ever been to a school or Guiding/Scouting reunion? How did you feel?

3 thoughts on “Guiding reunion

  1. Our reunion reminded me of the enthusiasm I felt on Monday and later Sunday nights. At the reunion it seemed our personalities and levels of engagement were reflected in our remembering the words and singing Johnnie Appleseed and taps. When Captain held her hand up we responded in the same respectful manner as we did as young folk. Memories. Thanks sharing your post Miss W.

    • Hi Sheree,
      I was amazed that we still remembered Johnnie Appleseed and Taps. Though we were a group that enjoyed singing after looking through the log book Sue had printed off. It was great to meet up again.

  2. They were great days being a guide. I was a guide in the late 1950’s and in the 1980’s I a guide leader when my daughters were about 10 and 12 and help was needed in the company. I then started a second company and was Captain – Paringa, for ten years, seeing a couple of my girls being award their Queens Guide. Thoroughly enjoyed the camping. Was also heavily involved in Greening Victoria and my guides and I planted trees throughout Victoria. I recently met up with a lady who is in the local Trefoil Guild and I have been invited to join. Will take along many cloth badges (for camp blankets) that I had left and these will be ‘auctioned’ off to raise funds. Learnt many skills in Brownies and Guides that I would never have learnt otherwise, eg. hospital corners when making beds!! Loved being involved in this great movement.

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