Another new unit – Oral History

About six weeks since my last post and in that time I have finished the Convicts and their Legacy course which was a lot about statistical data with convicts. I have also finished my role as tutor with the Introduction to Family History unit – only have to close down the discussions on Wednesday.

So today I started on my 5th unit in the UTAS Diploma of Family History course. It is all about Oral History.

As this is going to involve recording and transcribing an interview, I have given some thought as to who I will interview and what type of questions I will ask. Then I thought about who in my family is interested in family history and decided Taylia my 1st cousin twice removed who lives in Western Australia. Her great grandma, who she doesn’t see very often, is my aunt. So I decided to ask her were there any questions she would like me to ask her great grandma when I interview her.

Hopefully Taylia will leave the questions in the comments on this post.