Week 8 in the #52ancestors challenge is looking at heirlooms. I didn’t really think I had anything handed down to me from my grandparents but after chatting to my mum who has been in hospital and rehab over the last three months, I found out about these pieces of carnival glass that were from her parents. I actually thought a couple of pieces were from my father’s mother but maybe I was wrong about that.

I can’t find any makers marks on them but they all seem to be marigold colour.  The vases look like they are swung – started as a tumbler then stretched or swung while still hot. I found a website about carnival glass but as many manufacturers used the same patterns and colours it can be hard to distinguish who made what, especially if no makers marks.

The large basket or bowl in the second image has ball feet on it, but I have noticed some large cracks through the base probably when it has been put down on a table. This is extremely heavy which might have also caused cracks when put on a table.

One of the vases is a lot heavier than the other and both have different patterns.

Northwood glass usually has a makers mark, but Fenton glass only from the 1970s. These are probably the two companies my glass came from as far as I can work out.

Readers: Do any of you know how to easily check carnival glass to work out who made it, what pattern it is and when was it made?