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Despite having researched my family tree for over 40 years, there are always times when I need

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Because I am doing the Genealogy do over, I am needing help with my new software programme Legacy. After having used The Master Genealogist since it began, and making a mess of the sources in my database, I am determined to not enter any data in Legacy unless I have one or more sources for the information (and not from public trees on Ancestry). So I have joined a couple of Facebook groups to get help for this: Legacy User Group, Genealogy Do Over and Genealogy Cite your Sources. NB: I still haven’t installed Legacy despite having it for a week – I am going slowly with this do over.

With regard to sources, I am still undecided what style I will use. Most US genealogists follow the Chicago style used by Elizabeth Shown Mills in her book Evidence Explained. But when looking at Trove, I notice this is not one of the options so I think I might use the Harvard/Australian style – there is plenty of information about Harvard version on the net. I might send an email to the Society of Australian Genealogists (SAG) to find out what they expect for professional genealogy courses in Australia.

As I now have a desktop computer, a heavy laptop which needs renewing and an iPad, I need a programme that will sync across all three for when I go researching on the net, at libraries or archives. As a teacher I got used to OneNote from Microsoft but have noticed Evernote is also used a lot with genealogists. So at the moment I am checking it out and making comparisons to OneNote. Again I have joined the Evernote Genealogists Facebook group.

Once I start researching in England and Ireland I am going to need help there as well, even though I would love to go there again on holidays. So I will be doing a lot of emailing for county records, but also using rootsweb email groups. Often I can get help from someone actually living in the area where my ancestors lived. Or they might know some other resources I could use.

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