Writing- Pen & Paper

Creative Commons License Laura Ritchie via Compfight

One of my units in the UTAS Diploma of Family History was writing the family history. I found from doing this I was much better at writing factual reports rather than narratives. But I am going to try to write a flash fiction or non-fiction narrative every month (about 250 words).

The main thing I learned was to write about one event relating to one person rather than everything about that person.

Here are my stories so far:

Story 1 about a whale hunt that relates to my great great grandfather William Smith

Story 2 about my great great grandmother Rebecca Jackson

Story 3 about my great great grandfather William Chandler

Story 4 about the townland Garshooey in Donegal Ireland relating to Ann Jackson who might be Rebecca Jackson’s mother

Story 5 about a murder story from Trove relates to Isabella Colgrave nee Watkins

Story 6 William Chandler at a Horticultural Fete

Story 7 Ann Jackson after the court case