A challenge faced by an ancestor


This is the first question I have chosen for the 16 for 16 challenge.

My Answer

I think all of my convict and free settlers faced the challenge of crossing the seas to a new country on the other side of the world. Some came of their own accord, but others had no choice. But as far as I have researched, they all survived and built a family and life here in Tasmania which was known as Van Diemen’s Land.

But it must have been challenging for my great great great grandmother Mary (Mayday) Dixon nee Pickering. Arriving in Launceston in August 1841, Mary and her husband David had a young daughter under 3 travelling with them, but Mary was also pregnant whilst on board. My great great grandmother Ann Dixon was born 4 months after their arrival on 31 December 1841.

David’s occupation was as a shepherd on the property called Curramore owned by Henry Stevenson. The family lived in a small hut at Spring Plains. While David was out working, Mary and her two daughters were vulnerable to bushrangers who were often escaped convicts. On 1 April 1843, three men robbed Mary of men’s clothing and money then locked her in the hut. Mary testified at their trial. At the time she was three months pregnant again.

To read what happened check out the newspaper report starting at the bottom of column 2.

Readers: What challenge was faced by an ancestor of yours?

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  1. My gr grandfather arrived in 1854 just after the Eureka Stockade. Even though he came to Australia with friends I believe they went in different directions once they arrived. My gr grandfather’s challenge would have been ‘what do I do now?’ I cannot find him for the next seven years … so were did he go and what did he do?

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