Largest family in your tree

My answer

My Davey family seem to be having the largest number of children in my family tree.

3x great grandparents:

John Davey and Mary Anne Jennings married 1828 – 12 children, but 3 died under the age of 10

2x great grandparents:

John Davey and Anne Dixon married 1859 – 12 children, youngest one died aged 17 in childbirth

great grandaunt and uncle:

Mary Elizabeth Davey and Adam Brown married 1879 – 17 children, 6 died under the age of 5

great grandparents:

George Davey and Martha Colgrave married 1890 – 12 children, 2 girls died at 11 and 8

Readers: Is there a surname in your family tree that are having large families?

3 thoughts on “Largest family in your tree

  1. There are many large families in my tree. The sweetest one was a couple who had 16 children and all of them survived to adulthood.

  2. Neumann/Newman family Queensland- German father Scottish mother; 19 children; 2 sets triplets; 2 sets twins;7 singles; 2 still births; twins appeared in following generations; multiple births highly heritable Mick

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