Family History at Rosny

Workshops at Rosny Library

This page includes a summary of each workshop and any links used.

Introduction to family history

This was presented as a slide show with links. Those who attended were given the link so they could use the presentation back in their own home and follow up the links included on the slides.  This session will be run again later in the year as part of Family History month in August.

Australian and New Zealand resources

No powerpoint but the posts I have written for each state and NZ:

Using the Tasmanian library website

A session about using the Libraries Tasmania website as it relates to family history in particular.

Researching overseas

No powerpoint, but a post I wrote which includes using Family Search research wiki and other places to find resources for researching overseas.

I had already started another page with resources for overseas. Most are related to Family search and their collections.

Other useful info

I haven’t run any workshops using DNA but I have written a post about what I do when I get a new DNA match. This might help you with a step by step process to follow.

If you want to use a blog to write your family history stories, I created a video about this for one of the UTAS Family History Diploma units.