What am I doing this year?

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I will be doing a lot of things during 2024 as I have started a challenge created by WikiTree.  It is called 16 for 16 and relates to the fact that WikiTree (WT) is 16 years old in 2024.

I am on WT more often these days adding to their global tree. Why? Well before you add a profile to the tree you have to include at least one source for that person. Hopefully this makes the tree more accurate and it also allows collaboration with other members on WT.

There are lots of missions to choose from in the 16 for 16 challenge and I have already completed 9 of them during the month of January.

  1. Create a page to keep a track of what I have completed
  2. Improve my biography on my profile
  3. Add 16 profiles to a cemetery category
  4. Add another 16 making 32 profiles to a cemetery category
  5. Connect 8 unconnected profiles – Montevideo Maru POWs, North Mt Lyell miners
  6. Add at least one source to 16 unsourced profiles – Tasmanian
  7. Resolve 16 profiles in the Needs Birth Record
  8. Upload 16 photos of a person or a headstone to the relevant profile(s) – Montevideo Maru POWs
  9. Improve 16 profiles of individuals who died young

I am trying to do profiles relating to my family or the miners who died or survived North Mt Lyell mining disaster in 1912. I am also taking part in a monthly challenge related to Montevideo Maru POWs so some of that work helps count in the 16 for 16.

But there is one mission where you my followers can also take part.

  • Share 16 of the Question of the Week images on your social media

So each week I will be writing a post on my blog with one of the images. Please feel free to leave a comment on the post. I will probably also mention this on Facebook especially in the alumni Diploma of Family History student group.

3 thoughts on “What am I doing this year?

  1. You are off to a great start on the 16 for 16 challenge! I had so much fun on the Connect-a-Thon this month, will be looking to continue that in 2024.

  2. Hi Sue
    I hadn’t heard of the 16 for 16, and it might be just what I need to get me focussed. Thanks for the tip and have a great new year. I’ll be ancestor hunting in Denmark and Ireland this year. Best wishes Jacqui Brock.

  3. I wish I could dedicate more time to tree building, and one day I will, so for now I stick to the other tree builder that is not so accurate. Good luck in your challenges.

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