NaGenWriMo 2022

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I have heard of NaNoWriMo which is National Novel Writing Month but on some genealogy feeds I follow, I found there is something similar for genealogists.

This is called NaGenWriMo and Taralyn Parker has written a post about what is involved.

I have decided I am going to post one of my family history photos each day with a bit of a story about each.  I will also include dates of BDM for some of my direct ancestors. These posts wont be like my long researched biographies but just a few short paragraphs with a photo.

Readers: Are you going to take part in NaGenWriMo 2022?

Leave comment below with link to your blog so I can visit or follow for the month.

Below you will see links to each of the posts I publish as part of NaGenWriMo 2022. 

Review of how well I went for my first participation in NaGenWriMo.

4 thoughts on “NaGenWriMo 2022

  1. I like your idea of a family history photo a day with extended caption. I’m going all in on ancestor bios, not necessarily one a day, but concentrated focus to make a lot of progress in November.

  2. I have done one ancestor bio and shared it with my aunt. I found the process extremely helpful as far as focusing on what is fact, what is hypothesis and what are the next steps. Ordered my first English Will as a result.

  3. @Marian @Helen
    I have completed bios for grandparents and great grandparents so far and have started on the next generation as well. They certainly make you look for lots of sources to find more info and will certainly take more than one day to complete.

    I have started adding them to Wikitree as well with slight alterations.

    Once I complete the gggrandparents, I might start on aunts, uncles, cousins etc.

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