Using a blog for family history

I was asked by Dianne Snowden, co-ordinator of the family history course, to present about using a blog with family history. I decided to create a video showing how I am using my new blog which was begun just for this course.

If after watching the video, you want to leave a comment, here is how to do it.

At the bottom of the post is the area labelled Posted in, Tagged, Leave a comment or a number of comments etc. Click on Leave a comment and fill in the information needed. Your name, email address (This isn’t published) your comment then the anti-spam word(s) you can see and finally the big button post comment. Your comment wont appear immediately as I moderate them all before publishing them to the blog.

Want to create your own blog?

There are many platforms for blogging including:

Readers: How are you going to present your research to other members of your family? Scrapbook, family reunion, blog, video or  …….

9 thoughts on “Using a blog for family history

  1. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the video clip about blogging, enjoying your comments in the posts at course 105 and on your blog
    Regards Marg Tindale

  2. Thanks Sue for such a good, clear introduction to blogging. I like the way you have structured your blog and the tips you give. I am inspired to have a go at doing one for myself.
    Sue H

  3. Wow Sue!

    I have never looked at any blogs or considered my own. You have certainly opened my eyes and inspired me to look into starting my own!

    As someone who has no experience with blogs, how would I search for other blogs and bloggers I may be interested in following? How would people find mine if I created one?


    • G’day Christine,
      Thanks for visiting. To find other bloggers with similar interests as yourself, do a search and under Google, you can then specify blogs. Once you find someone to follow, check who they have on their links in the sidebar and see if there is someone there you would like to follow and so on. Remember to add their blog to your links once you start your blog.

      The way to get people to follow your blog is to leave comments on other people’s blogs and leave the URL of your own blog in the comment. Hopefully they will visit and leave a comment on your blog. Otherwise if it is your own family history, make sure your relatives know you have started a blog and if they have anything to add, could they leave it on your blog.

      I have only just started this blog for family history and already two relatives I never knew have left comments on here.

      I know more about blogging with education and students (run a global student blogging challenge twice a year for ten weeks each – about 1300 students and 300 classes take part from over 20 countries) but I am now learning again by using this for family history.

  4. Dear Sue
    Really enjoyed your presentation and I think your blog looks great – such a lot of work but no doubt very fulfilling, and fits so well with the idea that family history is not static.
    Have also learned a lot from your many posts during the course – thank you.

  5. Thanks for the great video guide to blogging. I tried to start one on gmail once, but didn’t open it up to anyone, because I really didn’t understand how to do it well. How did you find the time when you were studying HSP105 to do all this. I have really had trouble getting time out from the real world to focus on my work. Maybe I will try it after the unit is over.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      I’ve been blogging since 2007 and since I began, I have had the blogs open to the world. Personally I felt that was the reason for blogging – to make connections with others whether family or new friends you make through blogging. My real world is computing as I run a blogging course for students in Tasmania and am employed one day per week to teach students and teachers about blogging in classrooms in Tasmanian schools.

      If you want help getting your blog going, feel free to contact me via the email on the widget on the sidebar of this blog.

  6. Hi Sue, great video. I’ve read plenty of blogs but never thought about how they are structured, so your video was really instructive.
    What a great format for sharing a family history! I know Dianne mentioned blogs in her lecture but until I watched your video I didn’t think about the possibilities. I really like the flexibility of sharing without it having to be a Facebook page.
    Thanks. Julie

    PS the anti-spam phrases are more fun than any I’ve seen before!

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