End of NaGenWriMo

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Well today is the 1st December and the end of NaGenWriMo – month of November

How did I do in writing 50,000 words in my posts?

Not too well as I only wrote 18 posts – that means I would need to write nearly 3000 words in each post. I certainly didn’t do that. In fact I only wrote 6506 words in total – this probably included captions under photos as well.

The longest posts were those about mum (892) and dad (1106) in Guides and Scouts. These were the longest as they had already been written by mum and dad and were kept on dad’s computer as memories of their lives.

So I needed to write another 43,500 words but there is a saying about

a picture paints a thousand words.

How many pictures did I include?

I counted 65 pictures so maybe we could say I included 65,000 words by using pictures. But no, that is not how NaGenWriMo works.

Good try though, Sue.

Family history software and apps

This month’s twitterchat was looking at what programs and apps we use to help with our genealogy and family history. Instead of my normal summary, I am just going to mention all the programs and apps and if possible include a video or link to how to use that program or app.

Questions asked were:

  • Which apps and software do you use most for #familyhistory? What’s the latest tool/app you’ve discovered? Strengths/weaknesses.
  • How do you find out the next big things in software/apps? Where do you go for tech support or learning about new software?
  • How do software & apps change the way you research and organise your #familyhistory?
  • Any suggestions for software & apps for writing your stories, creating books or sharing #FamilyHistory?

Comment by Carmel:

Apps can be convenient when sitting waiting for an appointment, some work well for editing photos etc and when visiting family without computer they provide access to the online tree. Downside of some apps they may only have a short lifespan

Comment by Pauleen:

Software for genealogy has certainly changed how we research now compared to even in 2000-2010. I’ve said before that I find the constant tsunami of data makes it challenging to stay on top of everything, record and analyse it and generally be organised.

Comment by Hilary:

I use the WikiTree Sourcer browser extension to help me find the information I need on both free and paid websites

Comment by Lis:

I don’t use many family history apps. In my experience of apps, they often have a more mobile-friendly display, but sometimes lack the functionality of a web version. Sometimes they’re better though!

Peggy_Marco / Pixabay

Searching, saving and managing your research

Graphics, maps and photos

Connecting with others and sharing stories:

Youtube – lots of research sites also have their own youtube channel

Readers: What software, program and apps do you use relating to family history and genealogy?