Where did you come from William?

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The first challenge for 52 ancestors in 2023 is

I’d like to meet

Now in a previous challenge, I wanted to meet Charlotte Bryant, but this year it is her son-in-law I would like to meet

William Chandler

  • Where exactly were you born and when?
  • Who are your parents?
  • Did you know Caroline and her family before you came to Tasmania in 1855?

The basics of what I know about William 

He worked at a nursery at Enfield near London before coming to Australia with another family in the sailing ship Fortitude on 15 February 1855. They settled at Monavale in the midlands where he was an estate gardener. He was then employed as gardener at Government House but left to establish a garden south of Granton. After his marriage in 1859 he returned to Government House as Head Gardener then before retirement worked at the Grange Taroona. His son began Chandler’s nursery which still runs in Sandy Bay at the present time. (Mercury 23 July 1985)

I have written a few posts related to William

Readers: Which of your relatives would you like to meet and why?

One thought on “Where did you come from William?

  1. My great great great grandmother Eliza Moseley. She came over to Australia in 1849 on the Ship Pemberton as part of the Irish Orphan Earl Grey Scheme.

    I have no records of her birth nor any records of her parent’s birth and marriage. Why was she on that ship, how did she get on that ship? What happened to her father Thomas Moseley?

    Her mother Esther Penrose followed her out to Australia in 1855.

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