When I began researching

Back in the mid 1970’s when I first began my family history research, I made a lot of errors. I wish I knew about those guidelines.

Some included:

  • asking lots of questions but not writing down the answers – I was young, I would remember what I had been told
  • putting all my information in a big box – not sorting it into family names
  • finding information in books or on microfilm or card catalogues but not writing down where I found it

But there were a couple of things I did early on that helped me:

  • I visited my local Historical Society and asked them questions – they directed me to pedigree charts and family group sheets
  • They also directed me to the state archives where I would find births, death and marriage records on microfilm or microfiche

But nowadays with the internet, family history researching is so much easier.

You could join a course like the one run by the University of Tasmania or you could:

Find some beginner guides for family history from the following places:

To help document your research you can find online pedigree and family group charts

Download charts from here

Readers: What is something unusual you have found when looking at records about your relatives? Leave your story in a comment.