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I’ve decided to take part in Thomas MacEntee’s Genealogy Do Over for 2016. At the moment I have research and notes on my desktop computer as well as the iPad and my laptop. I need something that will sync on all three devices. So I downloaded

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Now I need to research the best way to use it for genealogy. This might be part of the Do Over course so will wait until next year (3 days haha) to look into how to create notebooks and pages etc. I have used something similar when teaching – OneNote. I am sure they will work in the same way.

I googled Evernote for genealogy and these are some websites and blogposts that look good.

Readers: Please leave a comment about my post or something beginning with E that relates to your family history or your research.

letter E

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  1. Sue, Family Tree University has a book you can purchase on how to use Evernote for genealogy. It is fairly cheap and takes a few weeks to arrive from the USA. It does give lots of information but overall I am thinking you will have to pay for a subscription to Evernote to be able to use it to its fullest extent as your data will be stored in a Cloud – just realised that could have been for the C Chalkenge as this is where records canbe stored for easy access for all your Devices (D challenge). I am still trying to work it out. I have started doing a spreadsheet with it to record all the certificates I have for family members but it didn’t print out in the same format as on the screen.

    • Marilyn,
      The free version has unlimited storage but you are limited in the amount of upload per month. Also has a few other things that are in premium but not free. Will use free first to see how I go using it.

  2. E is for Edge-Williams, my maiden name. It looks like my great great grandfather was Thomas Archibald Williams and ge married a Sarah Jane Edge. Their son, my great grandfather, on his marriage certificate has Edge as a middle name and Williams as his surname. His police officer records have him listed as Edge-Williams yet his immigration records have him listed as John Williams and not Ion . Can’t find a birth for him to check. His death certificate has him as Edge-Williams yet his wife’s has Williams (she pre deceased him).
    E is also for Exhaustion checking Extensive and sometimes Endless sources and Evaluating them for their relevance and accuracy, Eradicating and Erasing Erroneous data and Ensuring minimal Errors are recorded.
    E is for Exhumation – my grandmother’s older brother’s body was exhumed from his first grave in France when he died in October 1918 and reinterred in Prospect Hill Cemetery
    Emigration, Electoral Rolls , Education or school records and Employment records all are helpful in finding those Elusive relatives you need yo Enter into your database.

  3. Endless.

    Once you start to trace your family tree, it becomes an endless chore. It is like “The Never Ending Story”. As you think you cannot find anything else, there is always a surprise that pops up.

  4. Excellent Entry today Sue, thank you muchly +++.
    Just had a friend ask me about what I use for FHistory.
    As you know I quite often forget to write ‘How to find’ what I just found and still haven’t mastered doing the links in text that you do however I have read it somewhere. I knew google could do so much more, just found the link to How!
    My family will be very Exasperated as I will not be doing housework for a little while yet- until I check out all these new Entries! I do, so enjoy your blog. Cheers Marg

    • Marg,
      I use Google before I use anything else for family history research. If someone else has done the work and given the sources, why should I reinvent the wheel – I check the sources in case they miss an extra clue but it saves all that time looking for the source originally.

  5. EALES

    My Great Great Grandfather was Samuel Eales, a convict who was transported to Tasmania for feloniously and with menace demanding money, arriving in 1847.

    His three brothers were also all transported to Australia. James Eales (Alias Thomas Smith) arrived on Norfolk Island in 1846. David Eales came to Port Phillip on the Exile Ship, Anna Maria in 1848 and Thomas Eales arrived in Tasmania in 1851.

    Around the 1870’s Samuel changed his surname from Eales to Hills.

  6. Elizabeth Franks Miller, is one of my brick walls. I have her brothers, father and grandfather But can’t find the names of her mother or grandmother. I am assuming, until I learn differently, that ‘Franks’ is her mother’s family name?? but it could be grandmother’s?? Elizabeth’s grandfather moved from Hanover to London, around 1790? to avoid conscription, and changed his surname from Muller to Miller

    • Marg have you thought to try for a death/marriage certificate of a brother to find a mother/parent? It might work.
      Or if in England & Wales try the Census – there you find all sorts of people connections at the house/school – at that time.

  7. Entertaining, Exasperating, Enjoyable, Expensive, Elusive and Everything Else……..I was reading Thomas MacEntee blog ???/..Interesting, BUT as I have recently upgraded my office equipment like filing cabinets which has allowed me to keep my “office” looking tidy, I am busy busy busy sorting out all the family history hard copy that is in the drawers…Finding duplicate files and a lot of “bumpf”….I use Legacy as my Family History program, but have been quite lax in putting information into it of the past twelve months….

    • Sam,
      I was reading the first month of the genealogy do over and it is putting aside all your research you have already done, filing it away and starting fresh to include all citations etc. I have decided to get Legacy to restart my tree as my old software is no longer updated.

      So this first month will be great for getting rid of all the excess paperwork I have in my filing cabinets too.

  8. E – Enlightening/Enlightenment – This is how I find this challenge and your website and your Efforts. Thank you Sue.
    E – Ernest – my Dad’s name – also the spelling earnest – how we approach family history ‘resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction’.

  9. “Eureka”

    Those moments of achievement when all the pieces fall into place for one piece of the puzzle. A special moment that she be celebrated and shared. We spend so much time chasing links, dead ends and myths and legends nailing a fact and sorting a dilemma is well worth the Eureka moment.

  10. Not Easy tracing our Elusive Eden family, the following names appear generation after generation ……Eleanor, Emily, Elfrida,
    Elizabeth, Emma, Effie, Evelyn, Elphinstone, Erskin, Eric and Edward………One of these names combined with a Mother’s maiden name gives a clue one is on the right track.

    • Such fun Ann, if you have the surnames Keen and Hick it gets really interesting. Trove: he is a keen fisherman, he was a hick (?country hick?) Or even The Minister was Hick and could not attend LOL.
      We have Amy, Elizabeth and ten Mr William somethings ? Happy FHistoring.

      My brother is always going fishing so I go fhistoring.

  11. E is for Eliza and Evernote. I have so many Eliza’s that when researching them I often forget which one I am looking at! I have in the last week downloaded the free version of Evernote and I am trying to work my way around it.

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