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As part of the Diploma of Family History course at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) I am again showing my video about using your blog to present your family history. This is in the unit called ‘Introduction to Family History.’ The original version had many clicking sounds whenever I turned my head and spoke, so I have now created version 3. (Version 2 had too many blank spaces)

I was also going to include lots of links to other bloggers but felt the students might think they had to visit and read every post on every blog. So instead I am going to mention the bloggers here in this post.

Visit some other blogs written by students from previous Introduction to Family History units. Some have been blogging for a while, others are very new to this way of presenting their research. Many are also mentioned on my sidebar as links.

Some of the more well known Australian bloggers

Links to international bloggers from the Rockstars created by John Reid in Canada

Canada, Gold superstars 2015, Silver/bronze superstars 2015,

Readers: Did you find an interesting post in one of the blogs? Whose blog and what was the post about?

4 thoughts on “Family history bloggers

  1. Great work. Congratulations Sue and how very ‘Sue Wyatt’ to be producing blog number three because the other two were not up to standard !!

  2. Wow! All these new blogs to check out and new fellow bloggers to connect with. Thanks for posting this Sue.

  3. Great Post Sue, tapped into Hinterland Writing by Linda Morse; talks about writing your story, photos tell a story, walking through your house, books and stories from your childhood. the corner shop, Nan or Gran’s house. Particularly funny or difficult relies, deaths and births and tragedies. Felt a connection with her anecdotes.
    Will be here for hours. Regards to All

  4. I only found this post a couple of days ago Sue. It came up when I was googling for my own.
    So thanks for including a link to my ‘Kindred Konnections’ which I’m spending time ‘cleaning up’ before taking on my next Unit.
    This morning I’m editing my front page to include a Link to this wonderful work of yours.
    I have a lot of reading to do first – so I’ll answer your above question when done.
    Thanks again for keeping us all connected and leading us to Edublogs…

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