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As part of the Place, Image and Object course we had to create an annotated map relating to our family history. It could be a town, a house or even a room in a house. The idea was to build layers on your map.

As I am not an arty person, I decided to go with technology and used Prezi. It was a few years since I had used this tool so had to do a bit of a run through first to make sure I was using it well.

Here is the final result:


I decided to look at the homes around Hobart that were important to us as a family. So began with the grandparents in Sandy Bay and West Hobart, then our family homes in Glenorchy and Lindisfarne and finally my home as an adult in Seven Mile Beach.

It wasn’t until I did the evaluation and reflection that I realised so much of it related to travelling and how the homes were there to come back to after spending time overseas or on holidays.


3 thoughts on “Annotated map

  1. Thanks for sharing Sue. As I wanted to share a hard copy with family members I used photoshop, but had a lot of writing as the only photos I had were ones taken recently – 100 years after my grandfather was involved in such places. I think I may try and use Prezi as it keeps one’s interest and you read it all.
    Hope you had a great holiday in Victoria, and then enjoyed getting back home.

    • Thanks Rae, had great holiday, just a spattering of rain in Eden and then on the day back from Albury to Melbourne otherwise fine weather all the way.

  2. Hi Sue, liked your map presentation. It is very interesting to see the things people choose to highlight about their family homes and the places they have lived. Photos tell a thousand possible stories before you read the actual notes. Now that my family history stories are developing finding a photo to go with the story is priceless. And as Moley said in The Wind in the Willows: it may be such a humble little hole in the ground to some, but I just want to go home, to smell my earthen floors and sit beside my hearth! Ahh. Best Regards Marg

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