Some more great blog posts

While I am tidying up the links on the sidebar and moving the #52ancestors to a new page in the header area, I have come across some great posts. Here are ten I found interesting:

BarbaraG had some great heirloom glasses as in those you wear on your nose

Belinda solved some mysteries from the census

Brenda had great memories of her Valentine

Celia had some unusual names in her family

Charlene had some unusual spellings in the census

Dan looks at naming patterns for surnames

Darlene thinks about romance

Debbie had an unusual heirloom

Denise tells story of a water pitcher

Erin did some statistical work for longevity

Readers: When you have been visiting blogs for the #52ancestors challenge, have you found an interesting post? Perhaps leave a comment and include the link to the post you enjoyed?

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