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Love the new SideView technology of DNA ethnicity at Ancestry but my problem is that both my parents have passed down very similar ethnicities. Here is the view from my DNA test.

But which parent is mum and which is dad?

Sue DNA ethnicity Apr 2022

With both having large amounts for England and NW European and Scotland, maybe I need to sort it out with the smaller percentages. Sometimes though Ireland is also connected to Scotland so will that 8% help in sorting out which parent?

Luckily both my parents have also tested so I should receive about 50% of their ethnicity – maybe their actual tests will help.

Let’s look at mum’s ethnicity results first:

Mum’s ethnicity from DNA test

So from mum, I should receive about 27% England, 15% Scotland, 3% Sweden and Ireland, 2% Wales and 1% Norway.

Is this closest to parent 1 or parent 2 on my SideView?

Let’s look at dad’s ethnicity results now:

Dad’s ethnicity from DNA test

So from dad, I should receive about 16% England, 16% Scotland, 13% Ireland, 3% Sweden and 2% Wales

Is this closest to parent 1 or parent 2 on my SideView?

My thoughts

Because of the large Irish percentage in dad’s ethnicity, I think that parent 1 is dad and parent 2 is mum. But what about that 4% Germanic Europe? In earlier versions, dad did have this mentioned as an ethnicity but it is not on the most current version.

I can also try to work out what ethnicity my mum and dad received from their parents as they also have SideView technology done on their DNA tests.

Will it be easier to work out their inherited ethnicity? That is for another post.


2 thoughts on “More ethnicity at Ancestry

  1. Yeah I am not convinced about all this. Mine is complicated by the ‘scottish problem’ so its not even close (to the extent that inheriting ‘ethnicity’ from your parents makes any sense at all.

    Mine ts complicated by the fact that I have 30% Scottish DNA and no Scots ancestors in my tree back 6 generations (barring 2 brickwalls). So it gives my father as English (which is right) so that 50% comes to me and my mother as 35% Scots and 15% Irish from which I get my other 50%. I mean I know its a bit more complicated but put simply my mothers grandparents are descended from Breasleys (an old Yorkshire family) and Griffiths (from Ireland) so who knows what this is supposed to mean. At best its detecting a lot of ‘scottish’ DNA mixed with Yorkshire and Irish families.

  2. I’d be inclined to agree with you that P1 is dad but with so much ambiguity I wouldn’t be confident. Having both parents actually tested makes it clear that the new sideline is more an interesting tidbit than an accurate prediction. The testing database makes an enormous difference.

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