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I know many of my readers are new to blogging, so I thought I would share some posts from other bloggers taking part in the #52ancestors. Their posts are varied, some not even the traditional type of family history research post. Many vary in their style of writing – some sound like you are talking face to face with the blogger.

This first group of posts are from comments left on Amy Johnson Crow’s Facebook page

  1. Myra is looking for her 105 year old 5x great grandpa
  2. Jan has a very easy reading style and has not mentioned any dates in her post
  3. Marian looked at which grandparents met their grandchildren or vice versa.
  4. Bernie included memories from other family members
  5. Kristin includes lots of photos and memories
  6. Louise makes great use of Trove to fill in the story of her ancestor
  7. Cindi includes an image of life expectancy through the ages
  8. Julie looks at longevity as staying in the same state for a long time
  9. Roberta looks at information leapfrogging through generations
  10. Susan looked at the oldest document she had as part of longevity

This second group of posts are from members of the alumni group for UTAS DipFamHist

  1. Shane has bolded those links that take you to more information on the web
  2. Margaret includes a verse written by an ancestor
  3. Heather (Bleggy) has a way with words and I notice her post has been included in Friday Fossicking
  4. Claire relates to something mentioned in a lecture this week regarding life expectancy
  5. Darlene has divided her post into some interesting sub headings to make it easier to read
  6. Marcia looks at longevity as being a long road in research
  7. Claire is using lots of sources in her post – great that readers can then follow her research links

Readers: Have a read of a couple and remember to leave a comment on their blog. If you want come back here and comment on mine as well.

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