Siblings in colour

I decided to divide my photos into colour and black and white for these couple of posts about siblings.

My dad is an only child so I have no coloured photos from his side of the family.

This first photo shows three sets of siblings:

  • Myself and my brother on the left
  • My mother Phyllis and her sister Margaret in the middle
  • Margaret’s children Bronwyn and Leigh on the right
3 sets of siblings

I have no children but my brother is married with two children named Georgia and Alexander. Georgia is now married with a child of her own so this photo is when my niece and nephew were a bit younger. Alexander lives in Melbourne and works for the Australian Ballet Company.

In 2011, I took my brother and the two children to America for a holiday visiting Grand Canyon, Disneyland, Legoland and other places around California. Unfortunately we were in San Diego getting ready to visit Sea World when we found out about the twin towers being hit by planes.

Georgia and Alexander

Both of my first cousins Bronwyn and Leigh also married.

Bronwyn and her husband Allan Ryan had three children. Unfortunately Bronwyn passed away at the young age of 62 in 2013. The photo below is of her three children: Kelli who has three franchises with the food company LivEat in Tasmania, Shannon who worked in Western Australia but moved to Queensland and Kaide who owns a tool company in Hobart. All three of these have married and have their own children who will appear in the cousins post later in the month.

Kelli Kaide Shannon

Leigh and his wife Susan Lacey have two children: Chantel, who is married with three children, lives in Melbourne and works for Spotlight Retail Group as Head of Design and Innovation and Shaun, born with cerebral palsy but is now living in a community home where he enjoys drama and photography.


Chantel Shaun

Readers: What is the largest number of siblings you have in your immediate family?

In mine it is the Ryan children with 3 but I could include the England family as my mother and her sister actually had another sister who died when she was 10 years old, only a month after my mother was born.

Holidays with friends

As mentioned in yesterdays post about camping holidays, my brother or I would often take a school friend with us on our longer holidays here in Tasmania.

We would go to unusual places, sometimes do things our friends might not have done before and when tired from a long day of physical activities, we would play board games on the picnic table.

Go fishing at Devonport with Robin


Robin is wondering where we are


Steven beating us at Stockmarket while camping at Coles Bay

But the biggest holiday we went on was our family, Margaret (mum’s sister) and her family when we took off around Australia for three months in 1965.

Margaret and Norm PHILLIPS with their children Bronwyn and Leigh getting ready to travel around Australia

Our family used a converted Kombi van, side awning and tent, while Margaret’s husband Norman pulled a caravan behind their car. We went over on the boat to Melbourne, up the east coast to Cairns, then across outback Queensland to the junction of the Barkly and Stuart Highways in Northern Territory, north to Darwin, then back south to Alice Springs.

The Mob at the entrance to Lone Pine Sanctuary Brisbane

It was here where the families parted as Marg’s family put their car and caravan on the Ghan to head back to Marree and onward to Melbourne. Our family went to Uluru then back to Alice and the Ghan to Marree where we then spent more time around South Australia before heading back to Melbourne and the boat trip home to Tasmania.

Map of the complete trip Around Australia 1965 11000 miles

Readers: Did you ever go on holidays with other family members or school friends? What was your most memorable holiday?

Guiding/Scouting in my family – Sue

My story will be done in photos.

Brownie uniform in the 1960’s with friend Charmaine

Planting rose at opening of Glenorchy Council Chambers Civic Square

Badge presentation by Jean Goodman, Glenorchy area Commissioner, whilst at camp

Presentation of Queen’s Guide badge by Joan McKay, Regional Commissioner

Presentation of Queen’s Guides at Government House

Joining Langana Ranger Guides on the eastern shore of Hobart

Lindisfarne guiding friends at airport ready to send me overseas to either Hong Kong or Fiji

Special evening meal at Hong Kong camp

Invite to meet Prince of Wales, now King Charles

Taking part in JOTA (Jamboree on the air) conference in Victoria

Presentation of Banksia Award for work around Australia with JOTA

Leader at Ranger Guide and Venturer camps working on amateur radio station

I had a fantastic time as a Brownie, Guide, Ranger Leader and JOTA organizer from 14 June 1964 when I joined 1st Glenorchy Brownie Pack until 27 April 2001 when I was given the Banksia Award. Lots of camps at Betty Beaumont’s at Molesworth, also at Oyster Cove before it burned down then at Orana at Roches Beach. Lots of bushwalking and learning how to track animals, cook over campfires (those eggs in orange skins and banana and chocolate cooked in the coals. Also loving the singalongs around the campfires.

Readers: Were you ever a Queen’s Guide or Scout? Did you represent you unit or pack at a special event in your area?