April birthdays

April is the month when we have lots of birthdays to celebrate from the England branch of my tree.

Henry Lewis England (my grandfather) had three daughters – two had birthdays in April – my mother Phyllis and her sister Margaret. Sadly the sisters have now passed away.

I also have my birthday in April and so does my cousin Leigh, the son of Margaret.

Rae, who lives in Melbourne often visited in April, to meet us all as well. She also has an April birthday. Rae’s grandmother was Gladys, the sister of Henry Lewis England. I have just had morning tea with Raelene while she was visiting Hobart this week.

So we have two siblings and three cousins as April babes, but when I checked my database there was actually over 220 April birthdays.

Sue Leigh Raelene Bronwyn Philip at beach


Three birthday girls
Phyllis, Sue and Margaret lunching at Lachlan

Readers: Do you have one special  month where many birthdays are celebrated?

My dad is 90 today

Dad is 90!!

My dad, Bob, turned 90 today. We celebrated a few days earlier when most family members could attend his party. We had grilled fish and chips as well as a marble cake with candle. These are some of his favourite foods now that he has to be careful what he eats.

Dad has had a very interesting life including a mother and foster mother, working as a telephone technician around Tasmania, bushwalking for over 70 years, cycling with friends, raising a family with the love of his life Phyllis who passed away last year, teaching his children about bushwalking and native plants, travelling around Australia with friends and family, researching history of Tasmania and having an interest in the lives of his children and grandchildren.

Readers: Who is the oldest living person in your family? What memories do you have of interacting with them?